Nation Road Horse Rental, LLC

Meet our Herd!

These are the horses you can meet in person when you visit us. Each has their own personality and are a vital crew member in our operation.



Picture of Boo's head Boo
Boo is another gelding but he is a Thoroughbred.
He has never raced on the racetrack,
instead he has always been a riding horse.

Picture of Cash's head Cash
Cash is another Quarterhorse gelding.
He got his name from a funny mark
on his forehead.

Picture of Gigi's head Gigi
Gigi is a Palomino Quarterhorse mare.
She was used as a lesson horse for
many years before coming to the farm.
Gigi is short for Golden Girl.

Picture of Maggie's head Maggie
Maggie is an adorable stocky Haflinger.
She is short, but mighty! Maggie
loves treats (surprise!) and being petted.
She is also trained to drive and was
raised by the Amish.

Picture of Sassy's head Sassy
Sassy is a Tennessee Walking horse mare.
She is a beautiful big black
horse with a stunning gait.
She is the personal ride of one of the owner's
and will be leading some of the rides.

Picture of Spud's head Spud
Spud is a great horse and a farm favorite!
He is named because he is the color of fluffy
white mashed potatoes (according the kid who named
him) and is another Quarterhorse. Spud is
especially gentle and likes to take care of first time riders.

Picture of Tiago's head Tiago
Tiago is a pretty paint gelding. He likes
being petted but is not ready for a ride yet
as he is still getting used to the farm.

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